Back? By Popular? Demand?

Yes, ’tis a post of many questions. “What happened, dude?” Lots and lots of stuff. Here’s a brief summary: worked like crazy, lost lots of sleep trying to get the little one to sleep, started back on drinking coffee, replaced a house HVAC system, cooked delicious Christmas meal, gained new friends, lost a friend, found cool sites, got disappointed in most of them, became fascinated with new technologies, then disillusioned in some, made serious life and career choices, pondered philosophical questions, decided to write a book, then cooled down a bit (but not too much), swore to stop cursing (well, that lasted all 10 minutes), joined a project, abandoned a project, spoke at a couple of conferences, talked about Web 2.0 like I know what I’m talking about, and wrote a lot of code, diagrams, and specs everywhere in between.

Oh, and I also got sucked into another blog: This is a collaborative project that Bob Robertson-Boyd and Eric Hodgson have started. I hope you like it — we’re just getting started.

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