My Values

I believe that we are all linked together in an enduring journey of understanding and creating meaningful connections. We form the fabric of humanity through these links. The more we understand ourselves and each other, the more meaningful are our connections, and the more resilient is our fabric.

I believe that the shape and fate of humanity’s fabric are not fixed or pre-defined, or limited in any way. Our only true destiny is discovering the new horizons beyond our previously determined limits. The story of humanity is shaped by us and our actions along our individual paths.

On these beliefs, I hold up my two values: Compassion and Growth.

My value of Growth conveys the optimism and courage of self-realization, the struggle for gaining deeper understanding of Self. Through this understanding, I become more conscious of my journey and how it weaves into the story of humanity.

My value of Compassion speaks to practicing love, kindness, humor, collaboration, honesty, openness, and non-violence as a way of reinforcing the fabric of humanity. Through compassion, I treasure my family, my most sacred and the deepest connection within the fabric of humanity. I support others in their journeys of personal growth.

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