Goodbye, Subtext

They say: all good things must come to an end. What a load of crap! It’s like saying: only bad things last forever. Perhaps a more accurate statement would be: some good things occasionally come to an end. But that’s a heckuva lot less dramatic and you know us, humans — we love drama. But I digress…

One of these “some good things” is my membership in the Subtext, the open-source project masterminded by hacker extraordinaire Phil back in 2005. The little grey submarine that could grew nicely since then into a complete blogging platform with a rowdy gang of devout followers.

I was one of the original members of the project and even somewhat contributed to it early in the game. For the last year or so, I’ve been a bit more of a wall flower, kind of like one of ’em famous folks in on a board of directors who never show up and when they do, they desperately try to evade death of boredom by picking on their teeth or playing wastebasketball. Except, y’all know I am not famous. Especially not for the stuff that would get me a seat on a board of directors. That’s because Phil was too kind to strike me out of the roster. You are too kind, Phil. You are too kind.

Luckily, over this weekend I had made the final step that gives Phil and the Subtext team a superb reason for giving me the eviction notice: I am no longer running this site on Subtext. Not even a pre-beta 1.0 Nautilus. Yessiree-bob, this site is now powered by the Estrada Engine, the latest and greatest product offering of the company at which yours truly works. I was talking about converting three years ago (that’s before Subtext!), but only now got a chance to catch up and do the move.

Don’t take me wrong. I love Subtext. I think this blogging engine, rooted in Scott Watermasysk’s creation is a great choice for individual or small-group blogging on a great platform. But the boy’s gotta eat his own dogfood. If you write the code, you have to enjoy (or suffer) using it. So here I am, sitting on unpacked boxes in a new empty virtual house, walls unpainted and all. It’ll be good. Just needs a little lovin’.