My workplace

Since Cyrus is talking about his multi-monitor set up, I guess I want to brag, too. As many of my co-workers and friends know it, I take my workplace very seriously. I like everything running just right, positioned at the right angle and available when I need it. I don't like cute utilities, screens savers, […]

Credentials Screening: Windows Authentication without a Login Dialog Box

It is easy to turn on Windows (also known as NT) authentication on IIS: Check “Integrated Windows authentication” Uncheck the “enable anonymous access” box Set permissions on the file or folder that you want to be the object of authentication. Once the authentication is turned on, anytime anonymous users access that file (or folder), they […]

Html-XPath project created on

For those of you interested in using the DOM Level 3 XPath implementation for Microsoft Internet Explorer 5+ in your Web applications, I created a project on The code is released under LGPL license and provides functionally complete implementation in its first release. Next project milestones are: Allow passing instances of Msxml2.DOMDocument object as contextNode parameter in […]