Lucky Chrome

How can you explain this sheer amount of luck? Are there any special terms for it? I have no clue.

To illustrate — this year, yours truly:

  • After long 14 years finally got his green card
  • Moved to California
  • Landed a job at Google
  • … on the Google Chrome team!
As my good friend put it: “Wear your seatbealt. You have used up all of your luck”.

8 thoughts on “Lucky Chrome”

  1. Wow, that’s cool news Dimitri. I watched eagerly yesterday and snagged Chrome when it was available. Except for one minor cosmetic blemish Estrada sites and the new UI work great using Chrome. And man it is fast!

  2. Hey, I used to know a fellow named Dimitri–had a funny Southern-Russian accent! Hope all is well out west (sounds good so far).

  3. Congrats man! That is really cool that you’re on the Chrome team. What is your role on the team?

    Remember, we’re expecting you to come back to Birmingham next year to do an IPSA presentation!!

  4. LOL.. My papa is Dmitiri, that makes me Irina Dmitri-evna… Right? One of my classmates was Natasha Glazkov-a. Long story short, Congrats, Dima. GO RUSSIANS!

    BTW, I read some of your past posts. Love your sense of humor. If you Twitter, I will follow you. I came here from twitter when someone posted link to your blog.

  5. Hey Dimitri,

    Brent and I were wondering why we hadn’t heard from you. Now we know. I’m glad to hear you are doing well. California is a great place (I was born in San Francisco), but the taxes and cost of living suck… ;-).

    I’ve downloaded Google Chrome. And, like Neal, I’ve found it very fast. I’m wanting add-ons now; so I can trick it out like my FireFox.

    Great news about your Green Card! I hope everything continues to go well.


  6. Congratulations on joining the Chrome team! (I’m glad it’s not Lively… I didn’t know Google ever shut down a beta!)

    We miss you back here in Alabama!


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