ECMAScript 4 on the Server

Let’s imagine there is a viable, publicly available ECMAScript4 (that’s Javascript 2.0, y’all) implementation that runs on the server (is there, by the way?), that can be used instead of Ruby, Python, PHP, C# etc. Wouldn’t it be great?

My first reaction is yes!. Actually more like you betcha, my goatee-chinned, mojito-drinking, flip-flop-wearing blog-buddy (that’s how I imagine you, anyway), as there would be one less language to learn for the developer.

But then, I am wondering if the developers would be more prone to get their wires crossed, switching from client to server context inside of the same language?

What do you think? Is less more in this particular case? Is having a separate language for the server side the right thing to do?

Send your answers with a self-addressed and stamped envelope. Or you can just use comments. Or your blog. Or Twitter. Or Facebook. Or Pownce. Whatever. Sheesh, this social networking thing is a full-time job.

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