Off To Netsquared

Early Monday morning, I’ll be flying to San Jose, to join the Netsquared
, the coolest conference at which I ever had an honor to
speak. Together with my co-host at, Bob
, as well as Youthnoise‘s Ginger Thomson, and Ami Dar
of, we will talk on Tuesday night about social networks, millenials, and the teeming Web. I
can’t guarantee
anything, but I
think this is going to be a blast. Judging from the vibrant activity on
our topic page, we will have precious little time to fit all the
questions, ideas, and concepts bouncing around.

In addition, the microformatters will try to get together for an
hDinner, a small but
ever-so important event where eating is just as good as the learning,
except for all the calories. If you are interested in joining the
crowd, just watch the event page on for time/location updates.

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