Beware of the Ubiquitous Baton

Last night, somewhere in North London, a hollow object was launched from the secret base of the Web Forms 2.0 for Internet Explorer project. In a perfect parabola, the object crossed the ocean, entered the airspace of the United States, and landed squarely on my head. Boink.

Total volume

A measly 1.24Gb in my hard drive, around 200 CDs in my car. Yeah, I know.

Song playing right now

Morning birds chirping outside. That’s not really a song, that’s the actual birds making their birds sounds. Which reminds me of this joke:

A cowboy is sitting in a bar. Suddenly, a monkey runs up to his glass and ehm.. urinates into it. Dumbstruck, the cowboy jumps off his stool and barks, pulling out his gun: “What tha..!? Whose monkey is it?!”. Bartender looks to the piano, where the musician is working his magic, unaware of the developing situation. “Your monkey peed in my scotch!”, the cowboy roars in rage at the musician. Catching the barrel of a gun with the corner of his eye, the poor guy frantically scrambles to the keys: “I think I know this one! Yeah, I’ve got it! Your mo-oonkey peed in my scotch! Your mo-oonkey peed in my scotch!”

Five songs (albums) I listen to a lot or that mean a lot to me

  • Eternal Sailor — Peresvet
  • We are the Robots — Kraftwerk
  • Luminitza — Balanescu Quartet
  • Front 242 — Up evil
  • Journey of Dreams — Ladysmith Black Mambaza

Five people to whom I am passing the baton

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