Complete Credentials Screening

Here’s the latest iteration of the Credentials Screening module (for more information see this and this posts). It further improves the way credentials screening operates, introducing things like Windows authentication cookie reminder (because sometimes Explorer “forgets” that it had already authenticated with the site and issues a new challenge), better browser detection (since no other browser supports silent authentication, only MSIE will invoke the credentials screening process), corrected support of Forms authentication, and last, but not least — Authenticate event, which your application can subscribe to by simply implementing a CredentialsScreening_Authenticate method in the Global.asax.cs class. The signature of your method should look like this:

protected void CredentialsScreening_Authenticate(Object sender, EventArgs e) { /* body of your method */ }

This method will be called any time the Credentials Screening module successfully authenticated a user. Neat, huh? Oh, by the way, almost forgot:

If you want to explicitly make the login dialog pop-up (for example, you have a “Login” button for those who couldn’t authenticate through screening), use this static method to retrieve it:

public static string ScreeningModule.GetManualLoginUrl(HttpRequest request);

Well, this about sums it up. Let me know if you find any more bugs or opportunities for improvement.

7 thoughts on “Complete Credentials Screening”

  1. Hello, I would like to look at this code but the link is not working. Can you please repost it or email it to me.


  2. dharmesh, unfortunately, I don’t have access to this code at the moment. When I moved to a different server, some things got left behind. I will try to locate it and repost it soon.

  3. Hi Dimitri Glazkov,

    I would appreciate if you can find this code. As it appears from all your various posts, its a great solution on something that I need to accomplish.

    Thank you.


  4. Hi, any luck finding the code? I also need to take a look at this solution as I am trying to make mixed mode authentication. Thanks.

  5. Hi Dimitri, any luck in finding that file and fixing the link posted on your last Blog post, posted in 2005?
    I know you are with the Google Chrome Team now, congrats! And I assume they are keeping you very busy… this code would help us mere mortals a lot though and it would be much appreciated. Thanks in Advance!

  6. Hi Dimitri,
    I have a problem with CredentialScreening when i try to get credential on https.

    can you help me


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