ECMAScript 4 on the Server

Let’s imagine there is a viable, publicly available ECMAScript4 (that’s Javascript 2.0, y’all) implementation that runs on the server (is there, by the way?), that can be used instead of Ruby, Python, PHP, C# etc. Wouldn’t it be great? My first reaction is yes!. Actually more like you betcha, my goatee-chinned, mojito-drinking, flip-flop-wearing blog-buddy (that’s […]

Attention Google: License ActiveSync!

If any of the Googlers-in-charge are listening, here’s my pure-gold tip of the day: Buy a license of Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync Protocol. With the rapid adoption of this protocol as de-facto standard for mobile email client synchronization and proliferation of Windows Mobile devices, it’s a no-brainer. I bet it will take a couple of nights […]

BarCampBirmingham Sessions in a Podcast

If you missed BarCampBirmingham, here’s your chance to catch up on the topics discussed: most of the sessions are now available on Session topics include: 10:00am Using Virtual Server/PC — Wallace Allison (audio) 10:30am Ruby on Rails Q&A — CB Genrich, et al. (audio) 11:00am Building Rich Internet Apps w/Adobe Flex — Harris Reynolds (audio) […]