Models and structured reasoning

One of my colleagues quipped recently that instruction tuning might not be about teaching large language models (LLMs) what to do, but rather about reminding LLMs of the wealth of wisdom they already have at their foundation. Here’s a rather unkempt vignette on what wisdom I would like an LLM to recall. I would like … Continue reading “Models and structured reasoning”

The engine and the car

The whole large language model space is brand new, and there are lots of folks trying to make sense of it. If you’re one of those folks, here’s an analogy that might come handy. Any gasoline-powered car has an engine. This engine is typically something we refer to as a “V8” or “an inline 4” … Continue reading “The engine and the car”

AI Developer Experience Asymptotes

To make the asymptote and value niches framing a bit more concrete, let’s apply it to the most fun (at least for me) emergent new area of developer experience: the various developer tools and services that are cropping up around large language models (LLMs). As the first step, let’s orient. The layer above us is … Continue reading “AI Developer Experience Asymptotes”

Limits of applying AI

I’ve been thinking about the boundaries of what’s possible when applying large language models (LLMs) to various domains. Here’s a framing that might not be fully cooked, but probably worth sharing. Help me make it better. To set things up, I will use the limits lens from the problem understanding framework. Roughly, I identify three … Continue reading “Limits of applying AI”

AI Patterns and Breadboard

In my last post, I kept talking about AI patterns, but kept it a bit vague. I thought it might be useful to share a couple of examples to describe what I mean by “AI patterns” a bit more clearly. Once again, put your technical hats on. 🗺️ How to read AI pattern diagrams As … Continue reading “AI Patterns and Breadboard”

Placing and wiring nodes in Breadboard

This one is also a bit on the more technical side. It’s also reflective of where most of my thinking is these days. If you enjoy geeking out on syntaxes and grammars of opinionated Javascript APIs, this will be a fun adventure – and an invitation. In this essay, I’ll describe the general approach I … Continue reading “Placing and wiring nodes in Breadboard”